Le privilège d'un séjour de rêve où terre et mer s'étreignent...

Water spor ts

For lovers of    thrill 

"It is good to combine the joys of sport with the discovery of the magnificent landscapes of the Isle of Beauty. The Paradisu area offers you to taste the water pleasures, whether those of jetski, water skis, or other water sports... As a privileged customer, Domaine Paradisu is pleased to accompany you in your choice of activity. Embark on a day of sunshine and laziness on the sandy beaches of the Agriates Desert. An unforgettable moment."

Con tac t us ! 

+33 664 129 970

+33 495 474 305

+352 621 547 


Chemin d'Arcellinco

20 260 Lumio, CORSE. 

GPS Coordinates : 42°34'35.3°N 8°49'53.4°E

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